Penang is a work-life balanced destination "

John Ranga Dinej Fernando - Research and Development Engineer, Vitrox

Having been moving across a couple of countries during his childhood days, John’s family settled down in Middle East. Due to the difficulty in languages, he decided to head back to his home country- Sri Lanka to complete his secondary education and subsequently, headed to Kuching, Malaysia for his tertiary education.  After spending 7 years here in Malaysia, John has since fell in love with the vibrant nature of the nation.


John was inspired by a local company that entrusted fresh graduates with challenging and high-impact tasks. It was 2015 and ViTrox was the first company to offer him a position as a Research and Development Engineer. John has an Engineering Degree in Robotics and Mechatronics and the job requires him to write software that automates machines allowing them to work on its own and it extends from analyzing and helping with hardware to making and managing software. It is certainly very challenging for him but he too found it extremely rewarding in expanding his horizons. 




It was not hard for John to adapt to the lifestyle in Penang and in fact, he found Penang is a work-life balanced destination as compared to the laid-back Kuching and bustling Kuala Lumpur. In the weekends, John would explore the nature of Penang, indulge in local delights or partake in leisure-entertainments available in the state. But one thing for sure, he would not skip gym and church. In his opinion, one of the reasons why Penang stood out to him is the never-ending festivities and activities available- marathons, theme parks, cultural activities and State-organized events.