The view from my office is unbeatable – calm waters that frame rolling green hills – it doesn’t even feel like I’m at work but in a tropical paradise resort! "

Cynthi Kiru - Corporate Relations Program Manager, Keysight Technologies

Cynthi’s first encounter with Penang was as an undergraduate in Universiti Sains Malaysia. Here, the seed of fascination with the island was planted. Although work and life brought her around Malaysia and abroad, she has once again found herself back on familiar ground.


“As a student, I loved exploring Penang. The island has a rich cultural diversity coupled with an eclectic mix of old world charm and modern-day amenities. After graduating, I left to work in Brunei, KL and Malacca, but my heart was always here.


“So, when an opportunity to work for Keysight Technologies (then Agilent Technologies Microwave Products) arose, I jumped at it. Not only would I be working for the world leader in Electronic Measurement, but I would be based right here in Penang.”


“Keysight’s campus in Penang is more than just a manufacturing site – it is also the company’s global supply chain and IT hub amongst others. Keysight is also one of longest serving contributors to the local E&E industry and a key player in its development. This, coupled with the great rapport the company has with the local government, academia and industries, provides me a unique work experience that I would not be able to get elsewhere,” she said. 




“Also, the view from my office is unbeatable – calm waters that frame rolling green hills – it doesn’t even feel like I’m at work but in a tropical paradise resort!”   


Part of her job includes coordinating the company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives and she is constantly amazed by the generosity and selflessness of the people of Penang. “Keysight is very active in developing the community it operates in – whether it’s helping needy homes or volunteering at the Penang International Science Fair, there is always tremendous support from our employees and leadership team.”


She is also impressed by the emphasis on developing science and technology amongst Penang’s youth and applauds the various programs available for the young to explore and nurture their interest in this domain. “At Keysight, one of our key focus areas for CSR is STEM education development. I am glad that we have the opportunity to collaborate with various sectors here in Penang to cultivate a community of science and make a real difference in the lives of our youths today,” she said.     


In her free time, Cynthi likes exploring the many hidden gems of the island, including its homegrown cafés, knick-knack shops and abundant nature trails. She also enjoys treating herself to a little retail therapy at the island’s glitzy shopping malls every once in a while. Another favorite pastime is indulging in the plethora of mouth-watering food choices Penang has to offer – from fine-dining epicurean delights to authentic street food cooked up by the uncles and aunties of yesteryear.


“Whether you are craving for charcoal-fried char kuey teow, or looking for international brands like Coach and Chanel, you will find it all here in Penang.  Where else can you get such a great combination?” she says.