Perfect! Better traffic, close to everything like work, beach, good food, excellent private hospitals "

Nurul Izza Binti Md Yazid @ Ayob - Senior Accountant, Intel

As a Senior Accountant in Malaysia Shared Services Centre (MSSC) in Intel Penang, Nurul Izza is responsible to perform financial reporting related roles for Intel and she is required to work with other accountants and counterparts in other countries to ensure financial information is accurately reflected in the books.


As a Kedah-born and raised girl, she pursued her high school in Perlis and further her studies in New South Wales Australia. After completing her undergraduate studies, she returned to Malaysia to work for 5 years. But Nurul Izza did not choose Penang as her first career destination. Both Nurul Izza’s parents are teachers, so the importance of education has been instilled in her mind since young. She left again to pursue her postgraduate studies with Monash University in Melbourne Australia. After which, she decided to return and contribute to her homeland.




Nurul Izza was working in KL then, but she was absolutely thrilled to receive Intel Penang’s offer and decided to relocate to Penang without hesitation. “Perfect! Better traffic, close to everything like work, beach, good food, excellent private hospitals”, enthuses Nurul Izza. With concern over the difficulty in adjusting the KL lifestyle to Penang’s, Nurul Izza told us that it has been a pleasant journey thus far.


With Intel, Nurul Izza is exposed to vast opportunities and the journey with the technology giant has been very rewarding. When she is not working, she can partake in different activities or just a leisure walk in the shopping malls and most importantly, indulge in the mouth-watering local delicacies. For all these reasons, she is glad to be in Penang and living closer to beach and also her family in Northern Malaysia.