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Penang Career Assistance and Talent (CAT) Centre is a focused program by the Penang state government to attract and retain talent in Penang. Penang CAT Centre is set up in 2009 under the management of investPenang, which is the principal investment promotion agency of the State.

The demands of a vibrant economy, propelled by the on-boarding of high-end technology, knowledge-based investments and in recent years the rise of Shared Service Centre/Global Business Service sector in Penang, highlighted the importance for the development and availability of its human capital to support the growth. Hence the mission of Penang CAT Centre is to promote “My Penang, My Workplace” – your career destination that offers work-life balance.

Today Penang with its rich and diverse heritage, cultures, traditions and tantalizing cuisines, has transformed into an international city, offering enriching and exciting lifestyles. The qualities of its amenities, services and infrastructure in terms of healthcare, education and recreation makes Penang a natural choice for local and foreign talents who choose to work and live in Penang. Among the various initiatives of Penang CAT Centre are:

  • Penang CAT centre – a point of contact for jobseekers and employers
  • Resource and facilitation to jobseekers, employers, and investors
  • Talent outreach locally and globally
  • Collaboration with all stakeholders thru dialogue and engagement
  • Policy advocacy on talents
  • Secretariat to Penang Future Foundation Scholarship program


  • Increase the Human Resources pool by attracting and retaining talent in Penang.
  • Be the resource and networking centre for matching professionals, both Malaysians and global citizens, who want to work in Penang, with employers who are hiring.


  • To be the driver of technology and industry for sustainable economic growth and prosperity for the people of Penang and Malaysia.


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