Dr. Roland Mueller - Managing Director, Osram
Dr. Roland Mueller - Managing Director, Osram

The expat community here consists of very interesting, international and open-minded people

Dr. Mueller began his initial journey to Malaysia when he was first asked the billion dollar question, “If he was to set up a LED chip factory anywhere in the world, where would he choose to do so?” His immediate thought was Singapore.

Singapore, known as a global talent hub, was the obvious choice and that he would also find the right engineers to support their wafer fabrication facilities. However, Penang having the cost competitive edge, sealed the deal with him.

He found that offering a good pay package helped attract good talents to the company as the chip industry has since grown much more demanding and competitive.

Initially, Dr. Mueller worked here and his family lived abroad. This worked out well for him as this allowed him to focus 120% on work and was then able to completely take a well-earned break during the weekends.

Now, with his family living with him, and the plant taking off smoothly, he is able to enjoy many personal activities like painting and the arts. Dining is an excellent past time here as the variety is great and affordable, where fine dining can be celebrated every so often, and not just for special occasions. He also gets to enjoy a good game of football and basketball with his kids every so often, including walks. Talk about food and the local ‘foodie’ in him, has him giving you directions to his favorite roti Chanai roadside stall, somewhere in Ferringhi.

In the social circle, Dr. Mueller highlights the fact that the expat community here consists of very interesting, and open-minded people.

4 years has gone by…Dr. Mueller likes living in Penang with its quirks and charm, nooks and corners. He would personally recommend Penang to other friends and family looking to work and start a life abroad as it is an extremely easy starting point for a place in Asia. He coins Penang as a vibrant place offering excellent work-life balance value for money set in a diverse, multicultural environment.