Written by Administrator II
Wednesday, 07 September 2016

Venue: Tech Dome Penang

(*Address: Level 4, Geodesic Dome, KOMTAR, 10000 Penang)

Tech Dome Penang is an initiative by the Penang State Government to create a hub for technology learning and exchange of ideas. It will be a vehicle for improving scientific literacy and technology ability in Malaysia.

Located at the geodesic dome of KOMTAR just adjacent to the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site in Penang, visitors will discover the exciting world of technology and how they work by exploring the world-class exhibits in its galleries.

Somewhere along the line, we stop inquiring about the world around us. As you step into Tech Dome Penang, we would want you to ask “why?” again, to discover and be amazed by the science that governs our natural world and drives the technology we use and take for granted.

Tech Dome Penang houses over 120 interactive scientific and technology exhibits spread across 40,000 sq-ft of floor space. Its galleries on Information Technology, Life Tech, Robotics, Optocs, Electro-Magnetism, Forces and Motion, Children’s Exploration Zone, Penang Transformation Story and an Astronomy Observatory are put together to provide an immersive and experiential presentation on the marvels of science and technology. This is to inspire the future generations.

Regular programs will be conducted for schools, colleges and families that are specially designed to cultivate the spirit of inquiry and teach children and teenagers the skills required to thrive in a high-tech, knowledge-based future.

Come and enjoy endless hours of fun and discovery in the Pearl of the Orient’s very first science discovery centre-opening July 16th.

For more information, kindly visit the official website at www.techdomepenang.org or contact 04 – 262 6663 for further assistance.