Ashley Jacob - Talent Acquisition, IHS
Ashley Jacob - Talent Acquisition, IHS

Penang has a healthy work life balance without compromising on the quality of either

A tourist by chance; Ashley and his wife visited Penang few years back and have since fell in love with the climate, food, culture and the lovely people. He was offered an opportunity to work in Kuala Lumpur but he turned it down, he could not do the same for Penang though.

Penang is often projected as a fast-growing Global Business Services (GBS) hub and IHS being one of the top business solutions providers, would offer tremendous career opportunities for Ashley. In line with IHS Penang’s strategy and Ashley’s aspiration of heading the Talent Acquisition Function, he decided to take up the role.

Ashley leads the Global Direct Souring Team (GDST), a part of the organization’s HR division. The team is responsible for sourcing talents for IHS job roles globally. Other than that, the team also takes up Business Intelligence projects to provide analysis of availability of different types of talent globally.

Ashley finds it particularly easy to blend in the urban yet folksy lifestyle of Penang. Having grown up in India, he finds the festive celebrations in Penang such as Deepavali that he is well-accustomed to are particularly heart-warming and effectively combating the homesickness. The multicultural environment seems to be a lifestyle that teaches and entertains Ashley.

In his leisure time, he would spend quality time with the wife and movies tend to be their typical weekend must-do. Sundays however, are dedicated to Church activities as well as focused groups that are involved in social causes.

Penang has a healthy work life balance without compromising on the quality of either. Ashley has a vision to make IHS Penang office a global benchmark and subsequently, put Penang on the map as the best destination for high-calibre, white-collared jobs in Asia.