Rodello Sigalat - R&D Staff Engineer, Osram
Rodello Sigalat - R&D Staff Engineer, Osram

He found the transition easy and convenient, with everything prepared for him by the employer

Rodello has been in and out of Penang for the past 10 years or so and has blended well into the culture here. He obviously likes the place since he has chosen to return for work in Penang countless times. Rodello had his first job abroad in Batam, Indonesia and very quickly picked up the language, which eventually helped with his posting in Penang, Malaysia.

A friend, who suggested that he worked here, first introduced him to Penang. Rodello chose to do a little ‘on-site’ research and lived on the island for a week prior to agreeing with the job offer. During his stay, he learned a lot about the state and found it nice, quiet and a peaceful place to live in. He saw many similarities with Indonesia yet many more technological advances and infrastructure not readily available to him there. Considering other factors like remuneration packages and livability, the decision was crystal clear, Penang it would be.

Return to the Philippines to work was also not on the cards as this would mean earning a whole lot less and he had to consider his family’s well being. Penang met his expectations as far as salary package was concerned and works out well for him to be able to provide for the quality of life for his family back home.

Rodello found Penang an easy and convenient place to live in, so much so, he brought his family over to try and fit them into the picture. Much as they liked the place, they were not yet ready to venture out from home, which led them back to their previous arrangement; where he worked abroad and returned home occasionally.

Rodello currently works in OSRAM, which is where he started his 2nd posting in Penang. He found the transition easy and convenient, with the entire process arranged for him by the employer. Having had experienced life in Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia came naturally to him and understanding the locals, a breeze.

He appreciates the good food and the friendly people of Penang as he has come to make many friends. In fact, one of his favorite pastimes is to hang out with them. Rodello claims, that one would never get lost in Penang as there is convenient transport available even if you are left with just RM10 in your pocket.

Rodello has faith that Penang is becoming a hub for international professionals like himself to take on key roles. He also cited that it has one of the lowest crime rates in Asia. He has since wooed in, a number of Filipino engineers to assist him at work, who themselves continue to reside and work in Penang, collectively enjoying the green lung, sun, sand and sea that is Penang.

For him, Penang is an easy place to set up home and this helps, for someone intent on developing himself in his career. With all the opportunities Penang has to offer…he is has his excellent future laid out for him.