Grace Ng - Recruitment Manager, EPS
Grace Ng - Recruitment Manager, EPS

She has been blessed with a rewarding career as a headhunter for Penang, making her Penang’s talent ambassador as well.

Grace, born and bred in Penang strikes you as a Penangite who will fight tooth and nail to defend her beloved Island. As she puts it, Penang is like a Pearl of the Orient in her heart. Her roots have grown deep and long onto this island, hence she is adamant on planning to raise her 3 kids here together with her ever-supportive husband. She has been blessed with a rewarding career as a headhunter for Penang, making her Penang’s talent ambassador as well.

She has been living in the heart of Georgetown all these years. Her growing years span back to when she was studying in Methodist Girls’ School Penang and continued her tertiary education in Business Administration at a private institution. She then met her husband, who is also a Penangite. They have now blessed with 3 children; 2 boys and 1 girl. Their ‘Do-Re-Mi’s never failing to keep them entertained every day. Weekends are all about spending time with family.

Her career started off as a Training Administrator in a Hong Kong-based LCD manufacturer – Varitronix (V8). V8 was an excellent training ground for her where the invaluable knowledge and skills she acquired groomed her into a full-fledged professional in Quality Engineering as well as a recognized English Trainer. Grace then pathed her career into several electronics MNCs to expand her role in quality engineering over the next 6 exciting years. As her family expanded, she was determined to settle into a less demanding role. Coincidently, a headhunter from Jobstreet shared with her their internal recruitment role and that lead her to take up the role in Jobstreet Search!

Grace has developed a deep passion for recruitment. She feels great to be able to enrich people’s lives through careers, matching them with the best employers around, especially when it means helping her beloved island state by increasing its talent pool. Her passion and success in this new found role have made her a reputable Headhunter in the market today.

She is now the Manager of EPS Penang; a well-established recruitment firm headquartered in Singapore. Among her many job placements, she has also successfully brought home several local talents from overseas as well as global citizens to work in Penang. Grace’s passion is to sell the job opportunities in Penang, which are usually from high-end technology companies that can offer competitive salary packages and career advancement opportunities. She says Penang has more than enough high end, knowledge-based jobs for everyone here and those interested to come to this greener pasture.

As a mother of 3, Grace then seriously looked at her need to manage her time well between career and family. Her husband, who runs an electrical maintenance business, has an office that is just next to their house. An amazing convenience that Grace and her family are “physically nearby” at most times.

During weekends, Grace, her husband, and her kids love to spend many precious hours at the Penang library.

They are very impressed that the library is very colorful and well-furnished with books. It also has a media room and a kids’ playroom. Her kids will sometimes participate in the art & craft activity organized by the librarians. Her family also enjoys a family outing to Youth Park, movies at cinemas, seaside, fishing, visiting the Penang Butterfly Farm, theme parks, shopping, etc.

Talk to this young lady about her career, family, and Penang and she will lightheartedly just go on and on.Question her on the possibility of her moving to better and greener pastures and she is quick to reiterate that Penang has everything she and her family needs. She beams “Life is simply Great in Penang, nowhere else matters”.