Hong Weai Chzi - Human Resources Business Partner, Avago
Hong Weai Chzi - Human Resources Business Partner, Avago

She has often promoted Penang to her Malaysian friends to come back and work in Penang.

“ I LOVE MY JOB ” declares Weai Chzi . “My aim was to build a career in a ‘good’ company, hence securing a job with Avago as soon as I came back to Penang from the UK was just perfect.” She feels that working for a company with great work culture offering tremendous career advancement opportunities is what any fresh graduate would wish for.

It all started with her studying in Inti Penang for her diploma, after which she left to continue her studies in the UK at the University of Sunderland where she graduated with a degree in Business and Accounts. Immediate after, she remained in the UK for 2 years working her way up as a waitress in a restaurant in Newcastle to running the place as the Restaurant Manager. Her plan then was to work for her holidays in Europe and to “see the world” as she puts it and sees the world she did, having travel to Italy and Spain as well.

Less than a year later, she headed for home not knowing where it would take her as far as her career was concerned. What she knew was that there were so many opportunities for her and that she was actually spoilt for choice of companies to work for. Having found her niche early in her life, Weai Chzi finds her role in Staffing and Training and Development in Avago very rewarding as she enjoys meeting new faces and also the fact that she plays a key role in finding the right talent to meet her company’s requirement.

In her role, she has often promoted Penang to her Malaysian friends to come back and work in Penang, where she believes has their career path set out for them in an environment of global companies offering unlimited career advancement as well. In fact, she beams that 2 of her friends are taking her advice and will be back soon in Oct, 2011.

Soon after settling down in Penang, she also found that Penang has changed for the better in many ways since she left for the UK and that was only a few years back. The fact that Penang leads in ‘No Plastics Day’ impresses her so much. She had read, while in the UK that Penang was voted as ‘The top 10 island you must see before you die!” in Yahoo travel magazine and this helped her reiterate her claim to her friends in the UK that there is no place like home, especially if it is Penang. She declares that she has seen much of Europe but Penang beats them all as a lovely island with food galore and great people stemming from diverse cultural heritage, combined with the strong presence of the global community, makes her island home an international playground yet remain quaint, laid back and above all has that homely feel about it.

Being passionate about her role in HR, she talked excitedly of her aim moving forward in her career either up the corporate ladder or exploring new opportunities within Avago Penang, she aptly calls a ‘Great Place to Work”